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Published: April 30, 2019

Why Snacking And Intuitive Eating Makes You Fat!

Yeah, look it does and it doesn't read below to see why it's a common problem and why you're just not losing weight no matter how 'little and healthy' you eat.

We're going to put this out there, we are not big fans of snacking at all.
Not because it's unhealthy or anything like that, it's because it's far too intuitive and becomes sometimes too involuntary.
Office workers tend to be the worst at this.
The unhealthy colleague that's always passing chocolate and lollies around and then chips etc. Then you've social events like the cheese platters, which are wonderful, don't get me wrong, wonderful in taste and presentation!

My friend Sarah makes a wonderful platter!
I'm not writing this to demonise certain foods here at all, but the point being is these foods are very low in satiety (they don't make you feel full). Studies have proven that people underestimate their calorie intake significantly and snacking is one of the reasons.
Like we mentioned before it's far too intuitive. "Oh ill just grab a couple" then that leads to more and more and more and you've literally just consumed 600 calories without even realising.

Common snack like foods are:

  • lollies
  • chocolate
  • nuts
  • cheeses
  • chips
  • dried fruit
  • breads and dips
  • coffee
  • alcohol

So lets just say you had a handful of lollies and a handful of celebrations as seen above, there is 250 calories gone.
Plus a handful of cashews and almonds oops there another 200 calories, your daily flat white, there's another 200 calories gone, bag of chips and a glass of wine for your after dinner snack?
There's another 250 calories down. That's a total of 900 calories that are very 'intuitive'. People have managed to intuitively eat their way to 150kgs, purely because of daily habits like this!

So to make this final point, some of these foods like nuts are extremely nutrient dense and also very calorie dense, it's also okay to eat chocolate, drink wine, have a daily flat white, be social and enjoy the platters.
But you've got to be aware of how many calories you're in-taking in the long run. You can prep the healthiest lunches and dinners, but if you're unaware of your snacking habits and tracking, then you'll not lose weight.

Read our other post about flexible dieting and calorie counting below and get results whilst still eating the same foods that you love and enjoy completely guilt free.

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