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Published: February 18, 2019

Why We Believe In Calorie Counting And Flexible Dieting

Now nutrition is a hugely complex issue, but it also isn’t as well. The only reason why nutrition is complicated is because of the people in the fitness industry, who want to take you guys for a ride and simply hide the real truths behind nutrition. This is so they can keep confusing you, so you buy their products. You know the guys who’re like “this is why you’re not losing weight, because you’re not taking this supplement” those ones.

Now without going into the depths of the science behind nutrition and nutrients, vitamins and minerals in certain foods and the benefits they have, the purpose of this article is to keep things really simple. We let the dieticians tell you about those things above, considering they’ve studied this for around four years!

So to lose bodyfat and weight it’s actually very simple. All you need to be is in a caloric deficit. You don’t need to do keto, you don’t need to cut carbohydrates, you don’t need to stop drinking alcohol. As long as you burn more energy than you intake you’ll lose bodyfat. So all it is, is an energy balance issue.

The reason why the things we’ve mentioned above work is because they put you in a calorie deficit.... that’s it. The problem here is that people associate cutting out things as the only way they can actually lose weight. This causes long term bad relationships with food and lack of adherence long term which means the individual over time will never sustain their results and if anything end out worse, due to potential metabolic damage. 

Because we’ve established that fat loss is an energy balance issue, we need to then know how many calories a day our body burns. This is where the calorie tracking comes in. This is not 100% accurate, but it’s as close to being as accurate as possible. We use estimations based on our members, height, weight and activity level to estimate their calorie target/goal. We then get our member to track and consume that amount of calories everyday for two weeks to see if their body, loses, gains or stays the same and will adjust accordingly based on their goal.

Now flexible dieting is the next part and this isn’t just eating shit food all the time. You do need to have your vegetables, fruit, good sources of fat, omega 3s and foods with good nutrient density in them. We dont want to promote health and living off pizza and donuts everyday because it fits your calories is the wrong way to go about it. However the way we integrate this is as follows. Ensuring you hit a protein target of at least 1.6grams per KG in bodyweight and eating vegetables and fruit every day. We then allow our member to eat foods of their choices for their remaining calories, so yes that means you can eat bread and chocolate and still drop bodyfat, how good is that? However you do have to be prepared to track your energy intake from this for this to work. But surely that’s still better than cutting out the things you love and enjoy right? With any diet and lifestyle we preach sustainability, however with any diet there is a little bit of sacrifice along the way and with flexible dieting is counting calories. But when you do practice this and get better at it, you’ll be way more educated on food. You’ll be able to eat and drink the things you love and enjoy and be able to get awesome results, without cutting out the things you love and binging and blow outs, will be a thing of the past.

This segment below is taken from Layne Norton’s book fat loss forever.

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