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Published: February 8, 2019

Fitness Myths

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Here are some fitness myths that you’ve been told before that aren’t actually true.

-muscle tone (toning isn’t a thing)

-weights will make women big and bulky (don’t have the testosterone levels)

-calories don’t matter, it’s all about the quality of food (eat more than you burn, gain weight no matter how ‘quality’)

-you have to work your core to see a six pack (nope, just need to be lean)

-fruit makes you fat, because of the sugar (nope, energy balance is more important)

-you’re not taking supplements that’s why you’re not losing weight (total bollocks)!

-you’ve got to make sure you’re training at the right heart rate to lose body fat (nope, again energy balance)

-you have to do cardio to lose weight (nope again, energy balance)

-2000 calories is wayyyyy too much food (nope, just charlatans selling you on to 1200 calories for a quick fix)

-you have to cut carbs to get lean (nope again energy balance)

-Any sugar you consume turns into fat (🙈🙈)

-Insulin is a fattening hormone (nope, insulin gets spiked every time you consume food and still doesn’t outweigh energy balance)

Don’t eat before bed because your stores it as fat over night (nope your body burns calories when you sleep)

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