The Team

Danny McNally

Danny McNally owner of sustain and head coach. 

Im a firm believer in bringing out everyones physical potential, we get one body, one life, so why not see what its capable of? So sad to see so many people waste this opportunity only to look back and regret it when they're older.

"I'm hugely passionate about teaching people of how to optimise their nutrition. Too often people get stuck in a rut where they cant get past cutting out foods they hate, then binging out. I love teaching people how to get quality food into their diet as well as being able to enjoy themselves and get into epic shape" 

Michael Cahill

I am 41 years young family man. Married with 1 daughter. I am qualified personal trainer. Born with Cystic Fibrosis and having CF Related Diabetes I Found a passion for fitness back in 2017 after my health declined and knew I needed to do something about it to stay alive. I joined up with Sustain Health and Performance at that time and have never looked back with loving my new life over the past 4 years. I have not only improved my fitness levels to a level I never thought possible, but my confidence, nutrition knowledge and body composition has improved greatly.
After training at Sustain for nearly 3 years I decided to get qualified and I am now part of the Sustain Health & Performance coaching crew. With a great understanding of the hurdles we have with maintaining good fitness I am very passionate about helping others on achieving their health and fitness goals and maintaining a healthier lifestyle

Tayler MacLeod

Tayler brings with her a huge amount of experience in competition, weightlifting, CrossFit, sports performance as well as four years of coaching, on top of her great in-person vibes! Tayler is an elite level CrossFitter and awesome coach. 
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