The Team

Danny McNally

Danny has five years experience as a Personal Trainer (Cert IV in Fitness ) and has a real passion for helping people get from A to B. Danny lives a life of balance, playing football (soccer) 2x a week and enjoys his weekends with his mates and loves striving for those big PB’s “Getting the ideal result you want from training and nutrition is just about being slightly more meticulous and knowledgeable to ensure you get that perfect balance, too many people live a diet Monday-Friday and ruin it all in the weekend, I want to show you how you can still have fun and achieve the body you want”

Josh Francis

Josh Francis became a PT in 2017 ( Cert IV in Fitness ) after running a small business for 15 years, as a means of reforming his lifestyle. Josh has invested heavily in his education and has used himself as a guinea pig to explore the nature of body composition. Josh is an advocate for the impact of fitness on mental health, champion of N.E.A.T. and a family man who enjoys a weekly game of volleyball.
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