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The facts about calories in and calories out

I was thinking I hadn’t written an article in a while and it was something I was going to start doing again. Funnily enough I caught up with a friend of mine who showed me an article from her friend in the fitness industry. The article saying “Calories in Calories out! The lie, you’ve been […]

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Low Calorie Dieting and not Losing any weight?

Now nutrition by numbers and simple terms is actually very easy. If you burn more calories than you’re intaking, then you’ll lose weight and if you consume more calories than your body burns then you will gain weight. Simple really, not so. One common thing I’ve found since working in the fitness industry is there […]

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Why Snacking And Intuitive Eating Makes You Fat!

Yeah, look it does and it doesn't read below to see why it's a common problem and why you're just not losing weight no matter how 'little and healthy' you eat. We're going to put this out there, we are not big fans of snacking at all. Not because it's unhealthy or anything like that, […]

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Why We Believe In Calorie Counting And Flexible Dieting

Now nutrition is a hugely complex issue, but it also isn’t as well. The only reason why nutrition is complicated is because of the people in the fitness industry, who want to take you guys for a ride and simply hide the real truths behind nutrition. This is so they can keep confusing you, so […]

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12-week challenge

Our members love the 12 week challenge! The goal is to get our clients as lean and as strong as possible over the 12 weeks, which will be hard whilst in a calorie deficit. The problem is with a lot of these challenges you see, is there no protocol after the challenge is finished. So […]

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If you’re a female looking to get stronger this year, give us a message and make the start!

Ash hitting 90kgx4 on Trap bar for her first set of reverse pyramid training. The idea of reverse pyramid is to lift your heaviest set first so you’re fresh and can increase the load, compared to pyramid sets where you lift you heaviest load last. Ash started at 75kgs x4 and increasing 5kgs per week […]

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Fitness Myths

blog post....add content such as pics, video, news info whatever..... Here are some fitness myths that you’ve been told before that aren’t actually true. -muscle tone (toning isn’t a thing) -weights will make women big and bulky (don’t have the testosterone levels) -calories don’t matter, it’s all about the quality of food (eat more than […]

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